Arguably the most challenging of subjects for the artist, the human figure also offers opportunities for works of incredible beauty and complexity. In this book, one of today's leading figurative artists shares techniques and approaches for drawing the human form. With a reverent grounding in the methods of the Old Masters and keen perspective developed over Jon DeMartin's 20+ years of making and teaching art, this comprehensive workshop focuses on the power of line and how it can be used to achieve a convincing sense of dimension and life.

Beautifully illustrated with classical drawings as well as step-by-step progressions, these lessons explore the enlightening practice of copying, how to use proportion and measurement wisely, drawing the head and its features, rendering the figure in motion, short-pose exercises, and much, much more. Throughout, artists will master techniques for achieving a compelling "living force" in their drawings, while building a base of understanding that will ultimately make the process more intuitive and enjoyable.

Follow artist Jon deMartin’s techniques for drawing the classical human figure in his modern and up-to-date instruction!

Featuring seven chapters that break down the process of figure drawing, you will find in-depth instruction that covers: tools and basic techniques, understanding of perspective and contour, step-by-step guide for drawing the head, hands, feet, and features of the figure in action. You will also gain terminology of figure drawing, which leads to a greater understanding of the techniques needed to copy the inspiring work of the Old Masters. Jon pushes you to a higher degree of drawing comprehension, and by working with fundamental drawing strategies, you will be able to expand your skills as the book and projects delve further into the figure.

This Book Features:

  • 7 chapters that break down the process of figure drawing

  • Variety of poses and projects that help simplify perspective and contouring

  • Explanation of proportion, values, and line work in terms of movement

  • Instruction on the role of anatomy for the artist

  • Definition of landmark points on the human figure and how to capture foreshortening

  • One- five-and twenty-minute poses

Learn about the benefits of classical figure drawing, a style that has been worked and developed on for over five-hundred years, to become a part of the comprehensive art form. The beauty in figure drawing comes from the rhythm and grace of your line work. Jon provides a variety of poses so you can become acquainted with the body and tackle any challenges that the form presents you. Creativity is emphasized through the progressions of the figure, and the book builds up your knowledge of not just line work and drawing, but also of the human form and how it changes with different perspectives and lighting. Dive into the world of classicism, and apply your own modern style so your figures can come alive through the pull of your pencil!